Children’s Dentistry


Children are welcome in our office! We enjoy treating children and we love making your child’s dental visit a pleasant one. We have toys and books in the waiting room and there are children’s books throughout the office. Children also get to pick out a toy at the completion of their appointment. Parents are always welcome in our operatories both for cleanings and restorations. For the persistently anxious, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available.

Most children are ready for their first cleaning at around age three. A child’s initial visit is first and foremost a “happy visit” and we will do only as much as the child is comfortable with. For children younger than three we will typically do an examination only to check the health and development of your child’s teeth.

It is vitally important for children to have regular dental care. At a routine visit, we check for cavities, and we also evaluate your child’s development and oral hygiene. Early attention can prevent toothaches and other problems that can have lifelong ramifications.

Visit the MouthHealthy site for more information about children’s dental health.