A denture is used to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Dentures can be a long-term solution or they can be a stepping stone to a sophisticated full arch implant restoration. Dentures can be either supported by the tissue, as they have been for centuries, or they can now be stabilized or supported by implants. Implants can vastly improve the function, appearance, and sensation of an upper or lower denture. We offer methods to make your transition to a complete denture seamless and painless.

We offer a high-quality custom denture service. All of our dentures are made locally using Lucitone denture base materials and premium acrylic teeth. Because our focus is on superior fit and esthetics, our dentures can take up to five visits to complete.

If you have questions about dentures or partials, please consult with us. We can often offer creative solutions to seemingly complex problems.